Manage the Cash

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We’ve all heard the saying “Cash is King”, it’s as true now as when it was first coined. Too often the businesses start by focussing on growth or profitability, but the really successful businesses focus on cash management.

So how do they do that? The obvious answer is having an excellent credit controller …

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Our Pick of North Wales Picnic Spots

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We all love a good picnic on a sunny summer’s day, don’t we? Lounging on colourful tartan blankets in beautiful surroundings with the children playing nearby… dainty sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls and quiche, flasks of hot tea and lashings of ginger beer tumbling from a bountiful wicker basket… Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

Okay, …

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Devoted Father Gives up Job to Build a Bionic Arm for his Son

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A North Wales health tech start-up made international headlines recently. Brainchild of Ben Ryan (from Anglesey) whose two year old son Sol had his left arm amputated shortly after birth, Ambionics is developing a range of prosthetic arms for infants with upper limb differences.

Unwilling to wait for the NHS, this loving and …

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Gareth Gates …

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… On Fame, Fortune and Footloose The Musical!

Gareth Gates is often remembered as the shy, spiky haired teenager who captured the hearts of the nation on the first ever series of Pop Idol back in 2001 (yes, it really has been that long!). He wowed the judges with his beautifully clear singing voice and …

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